Early Childhood Relief Payment

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Early Childhood Relief Payment

As advised last week, schools who are also providers of Early Childhood Education may apply to the Department of Education, Skills and Employment to receive a higher rate of Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package payment in exceptional circumstances.

In response to advocacy from the Independent schools sector, the department has added an additional eligibility criteria (highlighted below) which explicitly confirms that this payment is for Independent schools to access. The criteria for this payment are:

Schools can find the application form here. Please let us know if you are successful (or not) in receiving this relief payment. We are interested in the timeliness and adequacy of the payment to cover your operations during this time.

COVID-19 Support for Independent Schools

The Government is also providing support to Independent Schools of up to $100,000 through a payment equal to 100 per cent of the value of salary and wages withheld as credits in your activity statement. More information is available here. Again, we are interested to know about the adequacy of this payment to boost your cash flow and support school operations.

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