Parliament House

Your Member of Parliament

It is important that Christian schools develop a positive and constructive relationship with their local member. Local members are open to invitations to visit constituents' schools. Another opportunity to meet up is in Canberra at the Christian Schools National Policy Forum held in May of each year. It is recommended that the school visits involve both the principal and representatives of the board. In terms of preparation, assistance from the AACS office is available .

Apart from seeing the school and some of its programs in operation, there can be discussions on some aspect of the school’s distinctives: eg needs, funding, vision, rights, outcomes, programs, philosophy, struggles, etc. When parliamentarians see a Christian school that looks and sounds much like a nearby government school, it is reasonable for them to assume that there is not much difference. It is therefore important to point out the distinctives. In this way, there is an opportunity to inform and educate the local member about the uniqueness of the school and the importance of diversity and parental choice. After the meeting, it is worthwhile following up by providing them with a brief outline of the matters that were covered during the visit.