QLD Election

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QLD Election

The 'Conversion Therapy' legislation that has recently been passed by the Palaszczuk Government is a direct threat to our ability to continue providing a values-based education and the highest quality care and support to your children.  It is also a direct threat to families across Queensland seeking to access a range of support options around often complex issues of gender and sexuality.

The initial Bill was rejected by a Parliamentary Committee which indicated that the Bill would have “serious unintended consequences”, the Government’s response was superficial and “amendments” ineffectual.  With the support of the Greens the legislation was rammed through the Parliament despite the Opposition voting against it. This legislation is seriously flawed!

Nobody wants a return to the horrific “gay conversion” practices of the medical profession from last century – but that is not what this legislation is about.  This legislation will limit loving and appropriate care for young people struggling with these issues.

As many parents, carers, and grandparents say to us – it is the values of our education system that are the main reason our types of schools were chosen. Those values and beliefs are ingrained in how we teach, and how we care for our students, your children. Those values and beliefs must be protected for our current and future students.

Let your political leaders know your concerns about this law here and think carefully about your vote this election.