Urge Queensland Government to Protect Christian Schools

A Voice for Christian Education

Urge Queensland Government to Protect Christian Schools

The Queensland Human Rights Commission (QHRC) has released its Report on its Review into the the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld) making 122 recommendations, which the Government is now considering.

AACS is concerned that the QHRC recommends restricting the ability of Christian schools to employ Christian staff across all roles by narrowing the exception that allows Christian schools to preference Christians in employment. The QHRC further recommends redefining the 'genuine occupational requirements' for Christian belief in Christian schools so that it only applies to certain roles. The QHRC uses the example of a science teacher being a role where faith is not a genuine occupational requirement. This should come as a shock and disappointment to all science teachers in Christian schools!

If this recommendation is implemented by the Government, Christian schools would only be able to expect certain employees, such as the Principal or Chaplain, to be a Christian when applying for a job in a Christian school.

We need your help to let the Queensland Government know how Christian schools and their communities feel about the recommendations in the report.

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