Open Letter sent to the Prime Minister with Response to ALRC Report

A Voice for Christian Education

Open Letter sent to the Prime Minister with Response to ALRC Report

Vanessa Cheng, Executive Officer at AACS signed an Open Letter along with leaders from many faith communities to Hon. Anthony Albanese MP, the Prime Minister of Australia, sharing that we are are deeply disappointed with the proposed reforms outlined by the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) in their Final Report.

The letter stated that as Faith Leaders, we are disheartened that our good-faith engagement with the ALRC in response to the interim Consultation Report seems to have had no effect whatsoever in the Commission’s appreciation of the unique nature of religious schools and religious educational institutions. The recommendations in the Final Report, like the proposals put forward by the ALRC in the Consultation Paper, seek to place severe limits on the ability of religious schools to build authentic communities of faith.

The letter was signed by representatives from Anglican Diocese of Sydney, Australian National Imams Council, United Shia Islamic Foundation, Maronites of Australia, New Zealand and Oceania, Australian Jewish Association, Presbyterian Church of Australia, Associated Christian Schools, Australian Baptist Churches, Christian Schools Australia, Seventh-day Adventist Church, Islamic Schools Association of Australia, Australian Ahl Al Bait Islamic Centre, Fellowship of Evangelical Churches, NSW Council of Churches, Islamic Council of Victoria, Australian Christian Churches (NSW), Australian Christian Churches,  The Council of the Ministers of Korean Churches in Sydney Australia, Sydney Holy City Movement, Acts Global Churches, Freedom for Faith, Human Rights Law Alliance and Sydney Chinese Christian Churches Association.

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