Review of Qld Non-State School Accreditation Framework

A Voice for Christian Education

Review of Qld Non-State School Accreditation Framework


Executive Officer Vanessa Cheng was involved in a robust virtual roundtable discussion with other governing bodies of independent schools where significant concerns were raised with Cheryl Vardon, who is leading the review, about the implementation of the current accreditation framework for non-state schools in Queensland.

Our member schools have experienced inconsistencies in the implementation of the accreditation framework across different regions and assessors. This can lead to schools being assessed differently based on the assessor they are assigned, which undermines the integrity of the accreditation process.

AACS opposes increasing or strengthening the powers of NSSAB. Rather, AACS recommends further checks and balances are put in place to ensure the accreditation framework sufficiently recognizes the diversity of non-state schools in Queensland.

Christian schools should be able to demonstrate their compliance with the standards in a way that reflects their Christian ethos. There is an increasing tendency to make ‘guidelines’ mandatory expectations, diminishing one of the key obligations of the NSSAB which is to support choice in education. Mandating outcomes and expectations limit parental choice.

AACS appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback on this issue and look forward to working with the Queensland Government to ensure that the accreditation framework is fair, transparent, and fit for purpose.

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