Tasmanian Christian School Leaders Meet to Discuss Religious Freedom

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Tasmanian Christian School Leaders Meet to Discuss Religious Freedom


In anticipation of the Federal Government’s Religious Discrimination Bill, soon to be introduced to Federal Parliament, Christian School leaders from across Tasmania met with representatives from Senator Jacquie Lambie’s office at the Burnie Campus of Leighland Christian School yesterday for a ‘Religious Freedom Breakfast’. 

Professor Patrick Parkinson AM, Chair of Freedom for Faith, was guest speaker at the event and spoke about the importance of protecting religious freedom to people of faith and the notable absence of religious belief from Australia’s human rights protection framework. While welcoming the Religious Discrimination Bill as a good start, he emphasised the importance of seeking commitments from both major political parties to further reforms to support the ongoing viability of the unique Christian school model in Australia. 

“Christian school leaders across the country are asking their political representatives to further protect and better promote the right to freedom of religion under Australian law,” said Vanessa Cheng, Executive Officer of The Australian Association of Christian Schools, “we believe all parents have the right to choose a faith-based education for their children and the federal Religious Discrimination Bill will help preserve this choice for future generations of Australian families.” 

The Australian Association of Christian Schools is calling upon the Morrison Government and the ALP to commit to a bi-partisan approach to delivering a Religious Discrimination Bill which will protect the ability of faith-based schools to employ staff who share the school’s values and beliefs. 

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